First Penny Wigs Video! A Half Wig Tutorial September 13, 2016 21:50

Glad to finally share the first PennyWigs tutorial!  

There are still some new to the concept of half wigs so we decided to make our very own tutorial using Lady Death Silver! When these designs first appeared on in 2014 we got a  lot of emails asking " what in the heck is a half wig??!!"

To put it simply, it is almost exactly how it sounds. The wig does not go all the way up on your head,and is also known as a 3/4 wig. Another way to think of a half wig is to imagine it as one large hair extension that goes a little bit higher up on your head.

Its understandable that when you see a wig online you can't try it on, and therefore not sure if you're going to like the way it looks or if its going to match your hair color exactly. I just want to point out that your hair does not have to be an exact color match for our half wigs in order for you too look amazing in it!  For example our indigo charm half wig looks great paired with a lot of different hair colors as well as natural color tones.The colorful half wigs seen here on the site are definitely not as common as the natural ones offered elsewhere on the web. We wanted to bring something different and fun to the site. The benefits of wearing a half wig is that you get instantly thick and long hair without messing around with a lot of different pieces,glue or clips. Its also definitely not as hot to wear this versus wearing a full wig.

Please email us if you have any questions or want to order a half-wig from us.Since colorful half wigs are still a new item on the market we don't get as much as interest as we do in othe products like our full wigs. When items are on pre-order it may take some time to get to you bu this will let us know which of our designs you are most interested in so we can keep them in stock longer. Your support is very much appreciated!