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Dreads!!! (Tips to keep in mind) August 26, 2015

Dreads in all 18 colors are now on pre-order! We really appreciate your patience for waiting! 

Recently brought to our attention by an awesome customer & hairstylist there was an error in all the synthetic dread listings about the number of dreads needed for a full head! We're very sorry that this has been up for so long without realizing and working on fixing it.We recommend 40-60 for mohawks only! 100-120 is needed for a Full Head. This number still varies depending on the person,their hair type and head shape. We really would appreciate your feedback after you order and install them so that we can keep note on just how many pieces you are using and for which style. 

The u-tips connected to the dreads are the same as those on loose hair u-tips they are not very large.Only a thin amount of hair can fit through them which is why we have to recommend what seems to be an insane amount of dreads for a full head.The good news is you'll have way less glue to deal with when removing them from your hair.

When you order dreads from us there is no way for us to know what kind of look you are going for. Some have worn just a few dreads in their hair as accents,some are doing a bottom layer of dreads, some have dreads already and just looking to fill in gaps. You can also use these dreads to easily make clips, or put them onto hair wefts, and a lot of our customers have actually done this. There are a lot of possibilities which is why I like to call these dreads Universal! The amount of pieces you order really depends on your desired look!  If you need any help deciding how many pieces you should order please email us Another tip I would like everyone to keep in mind is the fact that the u tip dreads can be turned into single ended in two steps:

1. Fold the U-Tip over on to the dread to create a loop. 2. Use either a rubber band or the keratin glue to seal it and create a strong bond. It really works!

For those looking to save some $ you will need less dreads in your hair because you can fit more hair through the loop than you can through a u-tip. And if you are looking to order more than 100 dreads for a full head installation we are working on a discount where the more pieces you buy the price goes down.Stay tuned Please let us know your thoughts!

Penny Dreads & Wigs  



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