Memorial Weekend Giveaway May 27, 2016

Hey there! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! We are giving away an invisible u-part wig to one awesome winner on Tuesday the 31st! Please see details below on how to enter. This will be a short contest so there won't be too many entries! 

Memorial Day Giveaway

Lets take a moment to talk about how invisible u-part wigs work! The design of our Invisible u-part wigs allow for your own hair to blend in at the top of it. The idea is very similar to a half wig, but the inside of our invisible u part wigs have 5 clips and the open u shape allows for you to make adjustments to conform to your own head placing the wig anywhere you want and clipping it in. We've created this cute illustration which we hope will be helpful, and maybe you'll want to give our invisible u-part wigs a try! Your support towards our unique half wigs and invisible u part wigs means soo much! It will allow us to create more of these designs in awesome colors!  Do not worry if your hair is not an exact match with the invisible u part wig,often it looks really good to blend in two colors that go well together.for an example,red & black or blonde and black. Once blended in, it can create a sombre or ombre effect. 
u-part wig instructions
Available styles:Pin Straight Crimson Red, Pin Straight Jet Black, Pin Straight Midnight Blue, Curly Teal, 
Please email us for any questions.Sorry but we cannot take custom orders at this time.