U-Tips Are Comin Back!!! July 25, 2019 17:23

Hey guys! I've gotten quite a few emails asking about our u-tip/keratin tip dreads, where they went and when are they coming back.S o I'm excited to announce that they are actually going to be available again starting in August! Unfortunately I cannot offer any fun colors at this time and only will have the natural hair colors in stock. In other news,single ended dreads will also be restocked in August. The colors will be the same that I have offered before. I try to keep the dreads at the most affordable cost that I can but because of our supplier prices have been raised on the materials. Please check my etsy for any individual handmade items I am making. I have been experimenting with human hair laely though i generally stay away from human hair because of the price point I do realize that some people want extensions to the natural locs and want them to look more realistic.. Though i do try and post as much as I can to ithis website, the custom made items seem to actually get more viewed on etsy so please click the link at the top of this page for my etsy shop for one of a kind items. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay cool this summer!