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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a half wig (aka 3/4 wig)? 

Half wigs are made so that the top front of your natural hair line and part can show. This works the same way that extensions can, except that its only one piece and you wont have to mess around with clips or glue. You can remove it just as easily as you put it on. At Penny Dreads & Wigs, our mission is to give customers half wigs they wont find anywhere else. We love to make vivid and pastel colors as well as natural ones. Half wigs are great to wear with headbands and other accessories to help blend in with your natural hair.

You can see more about half wigs and how to put them on with our half-wig tutorial by Razor Candi

What is an invisible part wig?

Our invisible part wigs are pre-made u-part wigs with clips attached to the inside. This helps to achieve a more realistic look since you can part your natural hair and have it lay nicely on top of the wig.   

Do the pictures match the colors of the wigs?

Yes! We pride ourselves on having wonderful images of our products, and we do not alter or edit the colors of the wigs whatsoever. However, colors can vary between computer screens, phones, etc. so the color may be different. If you have a concern about a particular color match, please contact us and we will help you determine if the wig will match the color you are looking for - you can send us a sample even. If you receive a product and the color is not what you were expecting, you may return the unworn and unopened item back to us for a store credit. 

How do I wash a synthetic wig?

Check out our guide on washing and caring for your synthetic wig

Are your wigs heat-resistant?

Most of our wigs are heat-resistant up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, however some are not. Please check the product listing on the website and be sure your wig is heat-resistant before applying any heat tools!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to most countries with the exception of a few countries including Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Ukraine, UAE, and Qatar unfortunately! 

Note that some countries often have delayed shipments of up to 4-8 weeks including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Romania. Please be patient if you are ordering from one of these countries, as packages are difficult to track internationally unfortunately. 

See more about our shipping policies here

Can I help promote Penny Dreads & Wigs? Do you do sponsorship?

Yes! Please contact us with your information and send us a link to your social media pages. You may want to also check out our Promotion Program, where you can very easily earn free wigs or $$$ (via PayPal) for each order you refer to our site. Sign up here if you are interested. 

Can I model for Penny Dreads & Wigs? 

Yes! Please fill out our contact form located here, and send us any relevant information about yourself. 

Do you offer wholesale? 

Yes! We offer wholesale on dreads only. Contact us here for wholesale inquiries.