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U-Tip Synthetic Dreadlocks (10 pieces)

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$ 25.00

 Set of 10 Professional quality Fusion/U-Tip synthetic dread extensions roughly the width of a pencil, some are slightly larger and some are slightly smaller. You can use our fusion heat iron tool to install the dreads.

These dreads have been individually pre-tipped with keratin protein (the same natural stuff your hair is made of!) for attachment to hair,clip-in wefts, etc. Keratin tips create a strong bond that can last for months but also be easily removed without damaging your hair.

Using the u-tip, these dreads can also be easily turned into either single-ended dreads (by bonding the dread to itself in a small loop) OR double-ended dreads (by bonding one dread to another dread). 

  • Length: 24 inches
  • Made with 100% Kanekalon fiber
  • Backcombed and sealed 
  • We recommend 40-60 dreads if you have a mohawk and up to 100-120 dreads to cover an entire head.

Feel free to mix and match colors by adding the dreads to your cart for each color you would like to purchase.