Midnight Blue Single-Ended Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions 20"

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$ 15.00

Set of 10 blue mixed with black single ended dreads 

Single-Ended dreads are an easy installation method for those who want to put in dread extension on their own, but having a friend or stylist willing to help is definitely a plus! Single ended dreads come with a loop at the top for your natural hair to go through. The dreads can be secured with a single plait braid or blanket stitch braid. 

  • Length: 20 inches
  • Thickness: 0.8cm
  • Backcombed and sealed 
  • We recommend 40-60 dreads if you have a mohawk and up to 100 dreads to cover an entire head.

Feel free to mix and match colors by adding the dreads to your cart for each color you would like to purchase.Supplies you may need to install your dreads:crochet hook and rubber bands. 

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